Chris White, Freelance Advertising Writer

Two National Radio Scripts Go Into Production with NO CHANGES (well, almost)!

That's right... two national radio scripts went into production with nearly no changes. The only changes were the result of a few minor technical details that changed in the manufacturing process. After eleven revisions to a script for a small business client, I was stunned.

Some Clients off the top of my head

Restaurants. Newspapers. ISPs. Car dealers. Banks. States. Cities. Furniture retailers. Casinos. Viagra. On Hold messages. A coffee cup. JWT. Computer retailers. Insurance companies. Web sites. Museums. Zoos. Theaters (legitimate and motion picture). Television networks. IceCapades. Jewelers. Muffler shops. AAA. Cable companies. Health spas. Foster Parents. YMCA. Physicians For Peace. National tax services. Lowe’s. Dairies. Shopping malls. Theme parks. Eye care companies. A Brownie troop. Personal Injury attorneys. Industrial coating manufacturers. Landscape companies. Chiropractors. TV stations. Radio stations. Pawn shops. Music festivals. Virginia Opera. Concerts. Retail packaging. Bars. Hotels. Florists. Prepaid phone cards. Laser hair removal. A large diamond cartel. And these are only the ones I can think of right now.

Subliminal Advertising (You will read this and when you finish you will wake up refreshed)

This story starts back in 1978 I wrote and produced a radio spot that was a parody of the concept of subliminal advertising for Aptos Pizza in Aptos, a seaside village slightly south of Santa Cruz, California. It must have subtly mesmerized the judges because it won an award from the Advertising Association of Monterey Bay (The prestigious Sammy Seagull Award). A few years later I revised the spot for the now nonexistent Parkway Pontiac in Chesapeake, VA. It somehow hypnotized the judges again and won an Addy. The ending was an ad lib in the recording session that the client thought was hilarious but I hated (another case of the client doing what he wanted but not what he needed).

Here is that version:

Then in the 1990's the concept was reworked for a new product test by Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits that must have put the judges into a trance because it was awarded another Addy. This, by the way, is my favorite version.

You can hear it here:

Shortly after that I was called in as talent for a radio spot for a credit union in San Francisco which, to my surprise, turned out to be “inspired” by my Subliminal spot.

Then even more recently I was called in to produce several radio spots for an agency and guess what? One of them was also “inspired” by my venerable Subliminal spot.

Frankly, I'm flattered that people like my Subliminal spot so much. I have other fresher ideas that you might like equally as well. So call me 24/7 at 757-642-8061 or shoot me an email by clicking here.

A Car Dealer Said My Script Was, “Too hard sell!”

Is there such a thing as too much hard sell for a car dealer in this economy? Apparently there is. Here’s what happened:

An advertising agency called on me in a big hurry because their high-pressure automotive client hated the thirty second radio script they came up with. They wanted a hard sell spot for their client. So my fingers flew over the keyboard and came up with a new angle for them.

"Too hard sell!" Screamed the dealer.

Yikes! Too hard sell for a high-pressure car dealer? And in this economy? That was a first for me.

We managed to create the kind of spot he wanted (not the kind of spot he needed). The guy is a major dealer carrying every important American, Japanese, German, English and Korean brand so I'm pretty sure he sold some iron. But I wonder how many cars he could have moved off his multiple lots if he let his agency and me do our jobs.

Selling stuff. It's what I do. So if you have a client that needs to sell stuff you can call me 24/7 at 757-642-8061 or shoot me an email by clicking here. Any time. I work fast, on budget and I write good stuff. Sometimes, though, even too hard sell.

Multilevel Marketing Maven?

Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, Direct Selling, Affiliate Marketing--no matter what you call it I'm doing even more work in this industry. The current project involves print, point-of-sale and copy for the company's web site. I just checked and found that there is more room on my plate for your project. Call me 24/7 at 757-642-8061 or shoot me an email by clicking here.

Multilevel Marketing Guru?

For some reason I'm getting more and more work from multilevel marketers. It could be that I'm pretty good at this. I 'm working on a yet ANOTHER motivational presentation, this time for Amway/Quixtar about taking control of your future. It would be nice if you took control of my future and threw some work my way. Call me 24/7 at 757-642-8061 or shoot me an email by clicking here.

Multilevel Motivator

A multilevel marketing organization hired me to write a motivational CD. Over a thousand words informing the listener about the future of home-based businesses. It was one of those projects that was fun to work on even though it had an incredible deadline. What was stupefying was that only four or five words got changed. You'll get multilevels of satisfaction working with me... Call me 24/7 at 757-642-8061 or shoot me an email by clicking here.

Multilevel Marketing Magic

"Yikes!" as we say in the trade. A twenty minute CD pitching how to start your own a vitamin and nutrition web site and the script was due in 24 hours! The script had to be approved by their lawyers which made meeting the deadline problematical but I made it. Remember my slogan, "Thank God it's Friday, only three more working days until Monday!"

Call me 24/7 at 757-642-8061 or shoot me an email by clicking here.

A check came in for a TV script I wrote for Viagra!

No kidding. If you would like to get a copy of it just click here. Hey, it's not hard to work with me, just call or email. You can be sure I'll, ahem, rise to the occasion. If you are in the mood, call me 24/7 at 757-642-8061 or shoot me an email by clicking here.

What clients are saying about me:

  • “Thanks Chris, you're the best!”
  • “Love it!”
  • “Great Job! Perfect!”
  • “Thanks Chris! You ROCK!”
  • “Chris, I love these!”
  • “Lifesaver!”
  • “We are quite pleased. Thank you for all your help.”
  • “I just wanted to Thank you for all your help, patience, and talent in helping us create some of our best spots yet. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to work with you again the next time around. With your creativity and direction the spots turned out fantastic!! Everyone here is very pleased.”
  • “We are quite pleased. Thank you for all your help.”
  • “Dude! Your Hawaiian shirt looks like an ear infection!” (OK, I made up this one but the others are real!)